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Job Description & Requirements

JOB SUMMARY: Ensures a fluid work environment within the office of the General Counsel by performing administrative/clerical, paralegal and office management duties. Uses initiative and good judgment; works independently with little supervision and maintains strict confidentiality.


  • Manages confidential information. May distribute or manage information based on direction from General Counsel, taking appropriate actions as necessary. Maintains General Counsel’s calendar, makes all necessary arrangements for appointments and meetings. Arrange domestic and international travel.
  • Develops and maintains reports, databases and files as appropriate and required, including litigation files and maintenance of litigation and corporate follow-up systems. Assists with tracking contractual and compliance obligations, responses and deadlines for litigation, gathering discovery materials and preparation of initial drafts of basic form agreements and drafting professional correspondence.
  • Provides administrative support including filing, copying, scheduling appointments and organizing meetings. Reviews and prioritizes correspondence for handling or response. Provides investigation support and prepares responses to guests/outside parties on inquiries.
  • Manages payment and tracking of Legal department’s invoices and other budgetary items. Orders and maintains appropriate level of supplies for the department.
  • Screens/prioritizes/directs incoming calls and mail/correspondence taking appropriate actions as necessary.
  • Understands and actively participates in Environmental, Health & Safety responsibilities by following established UO policy, procedures, training and Team Member involvement activities.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

EDUCATION: High school degree or GED is required. Paralegal certificate or Bachelor’s degree is preferred.

EXPERIENCE: 5-10 years of experience as a Legal Secretary/Legal Assistant or paralegal with a law firm or corporate/government legal department required; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


  • Job is to ensure the smooth operation of the Legal Department, including performing Office Ambassador duties, answering and prioritizing phone calls and correspondence, ensuring the attorneys stay on schedule, tracking of legal and compliance obligations and litigation, and maintaining and ordering office supplies and equipment.
  • Job requires a high degree of tact and confidentiality; often corresponds with guests and executives throughout the company.
  • Must be able to type 50 words per minute.
  • Needs good understanding of basic litigation and corporate legal procedures and terminology. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to draft professional correspondence required.
  • Minimum three years computer experience required.
  • Must be proficient in MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Ability to speak Japanese and/or Mandarin is a plus.

Your talent, skills and experience will be rewarded with a competitive compensation package.

Universal is not accepting unsolicited assistance from search firms for this employment opportunity. All resumes submitted by search firms to any employee at Universal Parks & Resorts via-email, the Internet or in any form and/or method without a valid written Statement of Work in place for this position from Universal Parks & Resorts HR/Recruitment will be deemed the sole property of Universal Parks & Resorts. No fee will be paid in the event the candidate is hired by Universal Parks & Resorts as a result of the referral or through other means.

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Our Brand Pillars

These pillars are the foundation of Universal Creative and reflect the values we embody every day.

Spice Up Your Career

Culinary Team Member
Looking for not just a job, but a career opportunity? Keeping our kitchens and dishes clean can be just the beginning. Working as a Steward will allow you to work directly with our Chefs and get hands-on experience to grow within our Culinary team. Additional Culinary Team Member perks include:
  • Work shoes
  • Opportunity for cross training and working in exciting new venues
  • Meal vouchers
  • Opportunities to advance, based on skill and available positions, to a full-time career in Culinary

Internships with Universal Orlando

Diverse group of college interns
In our Universe, there is no ordinary internship! Just bring your unique ideas, excitement and enthusiasm, and we’ll provide the extraordinary opportunities for you to gain “hands-on” rewarding work experience. As an Intern, you’ll be exposed to a variety of business practices and learn from some of the most talented professionals in the industry.

A Universe of Opportunities

Food and beverage Team Member
Love a fast pace? Like serving up fun? If you said “yes,” be sure to check out our Food & Beverage jobs. We’re always hiring for the unique and creative restaurants throughout our theme parks. Find out how we can satisfy your appetite for an opportunity in positions like these:
  • Quick Service Associate
  • Food & Beverage Stocker
  • Line Production Cook
  • Second Cook
  • First Cook
  • Waitperson
  • Bartender
  • Host/Hostess
  • Steward (Dishwasher)
  • Barback
  • Barista
  • Food & Beverage Team Captain

A Universe of Opportunities

Administration team member seated in a chair with library of books behind her
Universal Orlando’s Administration division supports our entire business operation. As strategic partners, these teams take active roles to assist the organization and drive successful business decisions. And, as an industry leader, our Administration teams strive to maintain our position as a top employer and community partner. Career opportunities include:
  • Human Resources
  • Facilities Management
  • Legal & External Affairs
  • Community Relations
  • Environmental Health & Safety

RockIT Your IT Career Video Transcript

[DESCRIPTION] Speaker 1 (interviewer) and John (interviewee) walking towards Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster [SPEAKER 1] Hey, John. How's it going? [JOHN]: Good. [SPEAKER 1] We like to do interviews a little differently here at Universal. [JOHN]: Oh…OK. [TEXT] ROCK IT Your IT Career [DESCRIPTION] Speaker 2 (interviewer) and Speaker 3 (interviewee) on Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster. [SPEAKER 2] We're just going to chat a little bit about your IT background and qualifications, OK? [SPEAKER 3] OK. [SPEAKER 2] OK. All right. [SPEAKER 1] Tell me about your understanding of Angular6 and some of its advantages. [SPEAKER 3] It's a JavaScript framework that manages-- [JOHN]: Web applications and apps in JavaScript, HTML, and TypeScript. [DESCRIPTION] Interview on a roller coaster. [SPEAKER 2] Define active directory and how you have utilized it in your career. [SPEAKER 3] Active Directory manages computers and other devices on a network. [JOHN]: I most commonly use it when I'm setting up and managing network printers. [SPEAKER 1] If given a preference, would you prefer a software development or a support- related role? [SPEAKER 3] I totally enjoy supporting more. I like figuring out why something is throwing a complex error or-- [JOHN]: There's the excitement of fixing a complex problem! [SPEAKER 1] What are some of the advantages of the Hadoop platform? [JOHN]: It's a highly scalable framework-- [SPEAKER 3] That manages bit data processing and storage for big data applications. [DESCRIPTION] Roller coaster races up and down hills and around corners, then pulls into the stop at the end. [SPEAKER 2] Thanks so much for taking the time to come in and meet with us. It was great chatting with you. [DESCRIPTION] Logo: Universal Orlando Resort. Text: Visit to view all of our IT opportunities. © 2019 BMP. Universal elements and all related indicia TM & © 2019 Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

A Universe of Opportunities

Ride & Show Technician examines electromechanical ride system for operational and guest safety
Maintain the most technologically advanced ride systems in the world. Problem solving, electromechanical systems expertise and the ability to use good judgment in high pressure situations are just some of the key attributes we are looking for in our Ride and Show Technicians. And, from our Figure Finish and Creative Fabrication Artists who work with our animatronics, skins and silicones, to our Technical Services Warehouse Associates, we have several opportunities for maintaining the fun in a technical capacity here at Universal Orlando.

Island Overview

Team Members working as Lifeguards at Volcano Bay
Looking for a career on the water? Universal's Volcano Bay Aquatics Team isn’t just here to help keep our guests safe, they are here to make a splash! Join the team and help guard our 13 different water attractions as a Deep Water or Aquatic Attraction Lifeguard, or help operate and run our attractions as a Slide Attendant. All Lifeguard Certifications are paid for and provided by Universal Orlando, so no previous experience is required. Perks of the job include riding our water park attractions to ensure proper working conditions and being a part of Orlando’s most technologically advanced Theme Park.


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Universal Creative Internship Video Transcript

[Ariel] The Universal Creative internship program is full of extraordinary opportunities for interns to gain hands-on work experience. [Jeff] Ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to take part in designing spaces that creates some of the fondest memories for people. [Griffin] The idea of blending technology, engineering, and storytelling really spoke out to me. And I wanted to be an environment where I could learn for those who really know what they're doing. [Ariel] I looked and the job description was amazing. It was literally everything that I've ever wanted out of an internship. [Ana] Some of the cool things that I've been able to do is see a lot of behind the scenes about how the park is run, and just envisioning the future worlds of tomorrow. It's been a really cool experience just to see what's coming up. [Carey] I've done some really cool attraction walkthroughs. I've got to walk through Hulk and Kong Skull Island and Forbidden Journey, and those were really incredible experiences. [Griffin] I think the cool thing about the Universal Creative internship is, you have a lot of opportunities to work with others and do what you want to do. [Jeff] I never expected any sort of company to be like this. [Emily] I really feel like I can be myself here. Everyone's been so opening and welcome. I don't have to put on a mask. I don't have to be somebody that I'm not. I can just be my genuine, authentic self. [Carey] I would say the culture at Creative is really a community and teamwork based. [Ariel] Everyone's so invested into the interns, and that's something unique. [Ana] You can ask a question and you'll always get an answer. [Tyler] Everyone's always happy and I'm willing to help you out when you're trying to learn something new, or you don't know how to do something. [Griffin] And as a student, it's very important to get that career guidance as you go on through more classes, and it's been a really great opportunity to get that in a very open environment. [Carey] For future interns, I would just say network and learn as much as you can. It's a really incredible opportunity and everyone wants to help you out. [Emily] Embrace your time here. Take advantage of your time here because it goes by so fast. [Ana] There's no such thing as you're only doing one job here. [Griffin] You have a lot of opportunities to go outside of your scope of work as an intern. So use it as an opportunity to absorb everything like a sponge. [Ana] Join the Universal Creative team. The possibilities are endless.

Be a part of life at U.S.H. Video Transcript

[ON-SCREEN TEXT] Be a part of life at U.S.H. [AUDIO DESCRIPTION] 1. A parking attendant smiles. 2. An attendant gives a button. 3. A guide holds a walkie-talkie by a map. 4. Frankenstein with clawed hands. 5. A guide gives a thumbs up. 6. Dracula. 7 through 11. Scooby Doo gang poses for pictures. 12. Attendant smiles. 13. A cashier sells popcorn. 14 through 20. A busy kitchen staff. 21. A gift shop attendant. 22. An ice cream vendor. 23. A game attendant offers a toy banana. 24 and 25. Drink and toy vendors. 26. A cashier smiles. 27. A theater usher. 28 through 30. Drink stand attendants. 31 and 32. Two mimes blow kisses. 33 through 36. Greeters wave hello. 37. A guide waves us to a bus. 38. A chef holds a door. 39. A chef drizzles caramel. 40 and 41. Two guards 42 and 43. People in windows. 44 and 45. Greeters in uniform. 46. A bartender. 47. Cashier gives us ice cream. 48 and 49. Nest soldiers. 50. A gate attendant waves goodbye. [ON-SCREEN TEXT] Join the Experience. Universal Studios Hollywood. All rights reserved.

Spice Up Your Career

[MUSIC PLAYING] [TEXT] SPICE UP YOUR CAREER [DESCRIPTION] Roasted corn on the cob and yellow peppers in metal pans. Burgers on a grill. A hand arranges pizza toppings. Eggs whisked into chocolate batter. [TEXT] FUEL OUR GUEST EXPERIENCES [DESCRIPTION] Chef pipes icing, flames around grilled meat, man roasting corn on the cob, adult and child watch costumed performers. [TEXT] SUPPORT OUR DAILY OPERATIONS [DESCRIPTION] Woman slices vegetables, line of cooks with saute pans. Text, Learn From Our World Renowned Chefs. Woman arranges vegetables, flames in front of cooks behind glass. Text, You Bring The Passion. Cooks prepare ribs and carve fruit. [TEXT] WE'LL PROVIDE THE THRILLS [DESCRIPTION] Chef carves ice with chainsaw. Man in chef hat laughs. [TEXT] Universal element and all related indicia TM & © 2019 Universal Studio. All rights reserved.


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Team Member Journey

“Universal is always finding ways to improve and separate from the rest. A lot of the Chefs here are like family to me. We have a caring culture and a disciplined one as well. We set up systems to ensure we are ready for success no matter what comes our way. I love working here, and as I continue to grow I will never forget the feeling of the teamwork I had when I started here 13 years ago. I carry that everywhere I go.”

Chef Johnathan Restaurant Chef

Johnathan’s Career Journey

“What has excited me to stay with Universal Orlando Resort is the opportunity for growth and the recognition I have received in the short amount of time I have been with the company. Universal is a great place to grow and develop. If you make your career goals clear to your management team, they will provide the assistance to guide you towards success.”

Chloe Team Captain – Food and Beverage

Chloe's Career Journey

“Universal has a great culture around career development. It’s a very open environment where you’re encouraged to learn and grow by participating in some incredible programs, including internships, diversity groups, and mentoring. I’ve had some fantastic leaders who have helped pave the way for me. Every leader I’ve worked for has acted as a role-model and has taken the time to mentor me. It’s been amazing working for Universal from new rides and restaurants to the opening of Volcano Bay and countless hotels! How can you ever leave when you’re always excited for what’s coming next?”

Madelyn Manager – Marketing & Sales

Madelyn's Career Journey

“Universal is all about “the right fit for the job” and luckily, there are many possibilities when it comes to jobs that you are bound to find one that fits you perfectly. If there is something you want to try, like I did with Technical Services, then do it. The only thing that will stop you is you.”

Sarah Tech Services Ride and Show Supervisor

Sarah's Career Journey

“Universal is a company with a heart, which shines through in the way they treat their Team Members here and in the opportunities they have for everyone - from every personality to every background. My leadership saw something in me that I didn’t always see in myself, and they would make every effort to help me see it too. That motivation and the fact that I knew I always had a direction to grow in kept me committing myself fully to every role I was in, no matter what it was. It still keeps me growing to this day.”

Abigail Supervisor – Premium Services

Abigail's Career Journey


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